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seinen_icontest's Journal

Seinen icontest
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Welcome to seinen_icontest, an icon awards community for people who love seinen manga. I'm spongie_icons, the creator and moderator of this comm.
What is Seinen ? Seinen is a word used to describe manga (and anime) dedicated to a mature public. It doesn't only contain hentai or hyper violent stories, but an infinite number of subjects.
I chose to create a seinen icontest community because seinen are under used in other icontests. It's not that I don't like shôjo or shônen series, but I'd like to promote seinen a bit more, through icons.
I took a relative large definition of seinen, meaning I accept series which are not strictly seinen (yuri series, independent series or series dedicated to women)

1. The submitted icon must be made by yourself, and especially for this contest. Made them fresh for this community. This includes that you should not use them as your user icons till the end of the contest.
2. No NC-17 icons. I may create a special contest for hentai or yaoi icons, but this community must stay viewable to all
3. Fanarts and Dojinshi's images are not allowed.
4. Keep your icons cool and open minded : no sexism, no racism, no homophobia. You'll be banned ^^
5. Don't vote for yourself, or your vote will be erased.
6. Only members can enter contests.
7. If there's a doubt about the rating of a serie (shônen or seinen ? It *may* be a problem), it's up to the moderator to decide if the icon is available or not.
8. Shônen-ai and shôjo-ai are not allowed. Other communities exist for these kind of series. Yuri is allowed, since it's dedicated to a public of mature women.

Example of series you can use (list non exhautive) : Monster, 20th Century Boys, Sanctuary, Vagabond, Real, Berserk, Kimi wa petto, Aoi Haru...
If you have a doubt, ask.

The moderator will create a contest on friday morning (CET). Icons may be from anime, animated movies or manga, and have to be related to the theme given.
It's up to the mod to say if an icon is available or note. The contest will be close one week later.

The submission should look like this :

Serie/Character : Gankutsuou.

Voting time : from friday to sunday night (CET)

Voting will take place from Friday to Sunday. Members of the community will comment on the "voting" post [comments will be screened], saying which icons they like the best. The icons will be numbered, so you will just have to state the numbers of the icons you like.
Results will be post on Monday.


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